Sandy got her last name because of her four gigantic cheeks. (If you eye her lower body, the larger two are hard to miss.) In fact, the season one drawings showed her suit bigger, as her--uh--hips--are larger. Later, she got bigger armor, and dipped her face in pickle juice, shrinking her nose. She got cosmetic surgery, changing the position of her ears.

"Why don't you ask my behind? That is, if you can see past it!"

--Sandy Cheeks.

Pizza Pie!Edit

One day, she was playing ball. Then, it rolled away. She got sidetracked, by some moron, and ended up on the Starship Dutchman. (Don't ask me how she got there!) The Flying Dutchman demanded her to serve him, but she turned him down. He tried stealing her pizza pie, but Sandy began dancing, and The Flying Dutchman exploded.